Separate Ways

Carry on, old friend,

sing a song of old

and remember those days fondly,

those days we sang and wept


Forget me not, old friend,

as we go our separate ways

For once the fork that’s in the road

is in its proper tune


You go your way, old friend,

and I’ll go off on mine

I’ll not be green with envy

your heart not dead and black


Eine Art Walzer

Where did it go

that old time waltz

who lingered ever


in the muggy midnight


Most gloriously

with a one-two-three

it could never

be long enough

and could lead

a dance far better than

any man or woman


Off she goes,

off, off she goes

That old time waltz

just waltzed away

with my love in tow


Sometimes the heat’s

too much to bear

as flames flicker

here and there

and envelope

every beam

The structure

wobbling wildly

and sure to go

at any time

while we mad, mad

men attempt to cross

back over

the burning bridges

once again



I bring nothing to Your throne

That I can claim as my own

All things I have were given free

By the Triune God to me


Jesus Christ had everything

Of all that’s made He is the king

Yet knowing our most sinful state

Humanity did emulate


Full God and Man did walk the earth

Born of a miraculous birth

He faced all things we face and yet

Did not complain nor Law forget


On the cross He went to be

That payment of the Law for me

And with His blood He did atone

Sinners to God by grace alone.


We bring nothing to Your throne

That we can claim as our own

But because the Paschal Lamb

We’re children of the great I AM.


A lowly sinner such as me

Condemned my Savior to the tree

To die the death of Death itself.


To die the death of Death itself

My Savior went most willingly

To save all sinners such as me.


On that third day the Savior rose

The works of Satan to dispose

Now sin can grieve me nevermore.


Now sin can grieve me nevermore

Evil was beat and now all know

God’s will was done when Jesus rose.

Here we go again

The summer air blows

arid, warm

warm to the skin and

to the soul

but those summer days

are far away

and far away from you

But fall and winter

spring for joy

in the transition

of time and matter

of frigid air and heavy snow,

illness run rampant

and business as usual,

all hands thrown in the air

with a collective voice, crying,

“Here we go again!”

With a summertime feeling

deep inside

to the marrow of my bones,

a face chapped by the cold

but there’s a smile

in my heart.

Shadows on the wall

Cold, so cold and shaking

with sweat drenching through

as dry, heavy eyes stare

blankly at the darkened ceiling

and shadows on the wall


First comes that grand conductor

that lanky fellow with many batons

dancing wildly outside the window

in the cold night wind

And the bars of music visible

to the audience of one

with notes shifting to and fro

yet not completely in



The woodwinds chime in with low hums

and whistles

and the brass begins to swell

the choral ranks hoot and holler

bombastic motifs

and yet the symphony

never becomes dissonant


It takes a dark and darker tone

a rhapsody of ragged shapes

and sounds

but morning light will surely come

to drown out the lesser light

which slowly goes within the night,

illuminating, if nothing else,

Shadows dancing inside

from the creatures that are without


A thing like that

Why you want to go

and do a thing like that?

Your mind is sharper than

a two-edged sword that

can cut a strand of hair

from top to bottom

And your eyes–so fierce!–

could pierce the heart of

all who do you wrong

Your hands fully able

to carry on the tasks

at hand

which carry more than

I ever can or could

So why would you want

to turn your feet and walk

this way

to a broken man?