Upon hearing a good song (on a nice day)

When the sky is blue

and the air is crisp

I long for all of

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Sunshine Blogger Award nomination (III)

I am LATE. Capital L Late with this. So with much gratitude (and a bit of apology), I would like to give a shoutout to Joni Caggiano of Rum and Robots for the Sunshine Blogger Award nomination. Thank you! I started following Joni late last summer (or was it early autumn?) and it’s hard to narrow down to a few words what you will find on her blog. She is an extraordinarily gifted author, for one. Her prose and her poems alike are crafted with care and touch on many subjects.  I won’t go into all of it since many of them are her stories to tell. She is also a good photographer, a good singer, and all around nice person. It is a privilege to know her through WordPress and to get to read her stuff. 

Thank you again. Continue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award nomination (III)”

Occasional Prose

Impact (a short story)

The radio alternated every hour between sounds of static and beeping. A monotonous robotic voice chimed in every now and then with the word “Update!” but never shared anything new. The rest was repeated as well, only the countdown changing each time. The static had taken over for a longer period than usual before the beeping commenced. “Update! Airborne and inbound. Ten minutes to impact.” It repeated the message before the static broke through again. Continue reading “Impact (a short story)”