In the window above

There’s a light burning low

in the window above,

orange glow casting long dark shadows

on what parts of the wall

can be seen


Is it a fire to warm the occupants

of the home?

Is it a home?

Is it a fire?

Is it a fire not confined to the hearth

but swallowing up a happy home?

Maybe it is no happy home.

Maybe there is dissension.

Maybe it is a family of small children,

a family of grown children,

a family dwindling in size or perhaps growing.

Maybe there is only one person there

lamenting the events of their life

or perhaps

looking back with glistening eyes

full of joy and good memories.

Regret? Fulfillment?


It’s hard to tell if there’s an open door

from here,

to see exactly what is going on within,

to make speculations

on what’s going on,

to feel what is going on

–just what is going on?–

in that house with the

orange glow in the window


5 thoughts on “In the window above

      1. Like that Clay Aiken song Invisible. What he means and what the words say are 2 diff things. It might just be the creepiest song ever.

        Liked by 1 person

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