A Story, Unfolding

I can read a book a day,

read things into words that are implied

but not necessarily there,

spot a plot

twist from a mile away,

I can read the words of old

and the words of new

while having little difficulty,

I can even read some languages

that are not my own

(with a little help, of course),

but every time that I think

she’s an open book

I end up being wrong

and even if I don’t always understand

it’s still a great

story unfolding


2 thoughts on “A Story, Unfolding

  1. I sensed a “but” coming and I was waiting to see what it would be! Great job. I listened to a podcast the other day about the idea that in a successful relationship, the story is always unfolding. There is always more to learn. It’s so fun to watch that in my own marriage. God bless, friend!

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