Jiggity Jig

Headin’ out, headin’ out,

goin’ to live a little,

read a little,

put a book down a little,

walk past the runners

then run nowhere slowly,

experience life and fame

and get back

to the little things again,

goin’ to enjoy the finer brushstrokes

of this grand painting

and make a few marks

as well,

goin’ to catch up with old friends

and strangers until

they’re new ones,

goin’ to plan it all and count on it

but count on it

not going to plan,

goin’ to see the joy in that,

goin’ to feel the excitement of joy


goin’ head home, goin’ to call it

anyplace that I’m at,

head home for real

and see what I’ve

been missing

headin’ out all this time





I do hope everyone had a blessed, safe, and good Easter this last weekend. Some things have kept me busy these last few days so I apologize for not reading all your posts yet. I will likely start that tomorrow or Friday when things settle a bit. Until then, I hope you’re all doing well and I pray for that continual wellness. God bless! — C. D.

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