Occasional Prose

The Rise from the Ashes

Green embers consumed me as I saw my body burn alive in Hellish flames. Roars from the demons echoed in the black as they spat on the my emerging grave, danced and laughed as they heard me scream in agony and sorrow, pleading for someone to save me. I didn’t know how I got here, but as my body began to turn to ash, I tried to remember where it all went wrong.

In my old life I remember being happy, but uncertain in life. My family was big and it seemed we all loved one another, wanting the best from each other. As the older I got, the seams began to split on our family fabric. Then came the happiest moment of my life, I had fulfilled a life goal of obtaining higher knowledge and was recognized for it. Instead of the love I had received, I was met with hatred, contempt, and indifference from the same family that I though was so big and that loved me. All but two showed the same love and compassion, my mother and grandmother, powerful protectors who each held high dignity and grace in all aspects of life, either in times of happiness or in times of turmoil. My mother’s brother and his kin on the other hand, foamed at the mouth with glee as each insult brought me closer to despair. Over time, a mysterious, voiceless, faceless, entity would attach to my soul like a parasite, covering the sun with a dark cloud, making my mind and eyes constantly blurry, and the emotions I could normally feel were slowly turning dull. Worse, a blood thirsty abomination had found my grandmother and with a blood smile, it began to slowly kill her without any of us knowing it, but my grandmother cast it out into the depths of Hell itself, but it cost her all of her strength, all of her will to live. One of my great protectors was gone, and my mother, the last great protector, was soon attacked by the same mysterious figure that had plagued me for years.

For many years we were abandoned by our once big family, so my mom and I were left to our own devices, tying loose ends that were left in the wake of my grandmother’s passing. My uncle and his vile wife would stop by and then and would mock us for our lowly state and holding on to her memory, then he taught the same hate to his children, who looked down and spat in our faces while condemning us for no fault of our own. My rage was boiling and I desired revenge on the bastards, the former family, and the mysterious figure that was slowly destroying my mom’s life as well as my own. As I plotted over what to do, a figure emerged from the shadows, one with no from but dull, red eyes and a white, fanged smile. His words appeared to be of comfort, which betrayed his disturbing appearance, He spoke of how I could obtain my revenge, how I could vanquish the entity plaguing my mom and myself, and in my rage I listened. I craved the wealth that only humankind can provide, and once I obtained the wealth, I would hoard the treasures for only my mom and me, while actively bringing about the doom of my uncle and his kin. I would have my revenge and no one would stop me, but I never considered the one person who could stop me, which was me. As I tried to obtain the wealth, I felt my spirit and soul tear away from me going numb. The faceless creature who had lingered for so long was gaining strength, the figure with dull, red eyes would apply more pressure to get my treasures and get my revenge. My body was going cold, yet burning with rage all at once, my soul was grey with sorrow, but a burning, hot white with anger. I became mentally and physically exhausted, until one day, my great protector, who had begun to loosen the bonds of the mysterious figure, urged me to find another way, not one based in revenge, but one based on love and hope. And as I tried to pull away, the red eyed figure emerged, igniting the area around me and smoking my mother away from me, until I could not hear or see her. He suddenly towered over me and sent his demons to destroy me. I remembered everything now, and I couldn’t help but feel I deserved everything that happened to me, until a spirit emerged to me.

Glowing in a mix of yellow, orange, and red, the spirit spoke with a calm voice. I called unto it to help me, my body now almost completely melted into ash. For the first time, I could hear what was being spoken to me, I could see who was talking to me. “Be still,” the spirit said, “I Am your help. I will make your foundation strong once more and I will be your hope. Your grandmother and your mother were your great protectors, but I Am the Undying Protector.” And in one instant, as I nearly became engulfed in my own ashes, my body was restored, orange flames engulfed around me, destroying the green flames that were consuming me. The demons screamed in terror, cursing the Spirit and I, until in a flash, the demons were disintegrated into billions of pieces, the red eyed demon of Vengeance was burned alive from the inside out, screaming in agony, and the mysterious, faceless creature was burned alive without a trace of its existence. When I returned, my mother was there, tears in her eyes as she was no longer burdened by the same horrors I had. My mother became exhausted and I let her rest in comfort. As I returned to my quarters for my own rest, the Spirit emerged and he spoke. “Do not crave revenge, for the family that has abandoned you will learn one day of their cruelty and they will need to beg forgiveness, either from you or from Me. For now, remember this day as day of moving forward. Think with forgiveness, kindness, love, and hope before all things and know I will always be with you, from now, until the end of days.” The Spirit left, and from the days moving forward our broken hearts began to mend and while I still had yet to see my uncle and his kin, I was now prepared and I knew that love, not vengeance, would finally one day heal all wounds.

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