A Thousand Eyes

I never seem to escape
That one being
Unnatural and macabre
With a thousand eyes
Constantly staring at me
Ever multiplying
Ever growing
Ever evolving
With eyes of green, blue
Brown, red, yellow
And a mixture of all the above
Straining, with red veins
Surrounding the iris
And it’s pupils constantly
Focused on one subject, me.
It never stops, never blinks
Always watching, always moving
Pluck one out, another one grows back
It must have a nervous system
That sends messages
To an unknown source
For whenever one eye is plucked
So is the life of the one who took an eye
So we have to subjugate ourselves
To its whims, to its invasion of privacy
Until we break free and live free
There is but one, glaring flaw
Everyone loves the thousand eyes
And they hate freedom and love
Absolute conformity.

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