Session 0.9

Keeping quiet never lasts

I’m the roar of a dying art form

It’s physical formation of vengeance

Upon an ignorant world


Thoughts and words were backlogged

Itching to come to life in parchment

This isn’t diarrhea of the mouth

But a waterfall of critical thought


The influencers mouth off idiocy

And the sheep beckon the call as truth

While the wolf in sheep’s clothing

Devours, blood all over his mouth


I’m both messenger and warrior

Bringing war and peace

To the intellectuals

And the dumbfounded


A bad moon is rising

An era is ending

They thought the ashes had cooled

But the embers are growing

Ye be warned, don’t follow me

Or anyone else, but instead

Let the mind carve a new path

And let it flourish anew


For I’m the roar of a dying art form

Breathing in new life to the masses

And letting the oppressors know

Keeping quiet never lasts.

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