The Tree and the Watertower

I wrote your name

on the tree trunk

in hopes that the message

would go to the tips of leaves

and to the mighty roots,

I wrote your name

on the watertower

so that everyone could see

your name, even the tiny letters,

I wrote your name in a poem

for the same reasons,

hoping, praying, waiting

for what I wanted

with no clue what it was

that I wanted,

I’m still not sure,

maybe historians

will see the tree

where I silently screamed

your name

or the watertower

where rust took over

the cheap paint

of a young fool in love

or the poem

where they may laugh

at words never spoken

to you

2 thoughts on “The Tree and the Watertower

    1. Thanks, I hope the same. It’s important for people to speak and to be heard. While this poem wasn’t about me personally, I always wonder about some of the names and notes etched in various places. I see it everywhere I go. There’s stories out there that fade away and are only found in those few words.

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