Koi No Yokan

I’ve been down this road before

I still see the tread in the dirt

New roads formed where I tried

To change my course

Change my path

But every damn road went to the same destination.

See I have a permanent residency

Near the intersection of

Broken Hearts Boulevard

And Unrequited Avenue

And for years, no one has walked by

Like the singer said, “There’s no one

to kill my anxiousness again”

Until the day I met you

I recognized feelings I haven’t had

In the past decade, give or take

Your presence fills every major sense

With hope, with comfort, with…

No, I’m jumping too far ahead

Confusing reality and fantasy

I know this feeling, it never ends well

I’m romance’s perfect, idiotic loser

The word “love” eludes me

It’s more myth than truth

And I don’t need it

Yet I’m in a daily struggle

Make the move or stay in my lane

The engine is humming but the tires are still

And my heart has been battered too many times before

I still don’t know if it’s fully healed

But I hope and pray you see me

As I see you, but I know that you don’t

It’s always one sided, no matter how hard I try

But maybe it will be different

Maybe it is time to make the move

And try a new road again.

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