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Who to Follow Friday, Week #3

Guess what day it is?!

Layers. It’s all about layers.

That’s right. It’s Friday but, like, a week later then the last Friday I was going to post it on. Or something. Friday 1.5? We’ll keep it simple and call it Week #3. Take note that there might be weeks like last week where I have to travel quite a bit and might not get it done in time.

The Old Man and the C. D. Anders

Today the spotlight is on three more bloggers. This is a continuation of Week #1 which you can read here. Week #2 can be read here. The first link also mentions how I choose who will be featured.There is nothing required by anyone in these posts, they are here for the purpose of showcasing blogs I enjoy and follow myself. So allow me to show you the three people whose work you should read this week:


I don’t exactly know who to @ for the site but more often than not, that’s usually a good thing. It allows people to express themselves freely. And Mermaid has quite a few opinions woven expertly through her work, all of which is worth checking out. Her most recent post is a repost from January and the one before that is a collaboration with blogger Bharath of Bharath’s Banter.

Aby Kittiwake @ AbyKittiwake

There is no shortage of poems on Aby’s site with articles and short stories throughout the site as well. There’s something almost old-fashioned about how the poetry is written but the themes and words are relevant to today. The most recent poem hits pretty close to home and I know her advocacy for mental health will resonate with you.


Every work on this site is signed off like a letter with the words: “Love, Alyazya.” Each poem is personal in that regard and yet universal themes are still at the center. “If I die”, her most recent work, displays the level of detail that goes into each of her poems. “Family” puts it on display all the more.


Those are just three great writers for now. In the coming weeks and months, there will be many more to look at. I chose to do three at a time so that there is not an information overload and it would also allow time to explore their work for the week (and hopefully, beyond that.) That said, I will no doubt not be able to feature every single blog that is great because I don’t know them all.

Here’s where you all come in.

In the comments, feel free to plug a favorite blog that you follow and perhaps put a few words there explaining why you like it. If you’d like, you can also put your own blog down and share a post you enjoyed making.

The most important thing is to enjoy writing and reading other’s writings. This is a blogging platform, after all.

I will try to have these done weekly but you never know, I reckon.

pictured left to right: WordPress, C. D.

Not pictured: the King of the Hoboes 😦

Have a great weekend and as always, God bless. — C. D.

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