Cats (Because Why Not?)

Evidently it is National Adopt a Cat Month (or so I learned from a Mouse.)

Just so you know, cats are not for everybody. In fact, cats really aren’t for anybody. Cats adopt you by taking up room and board without paying and think that you should thank them. You find out if you’re a cat person in those instances because a cat person will fall for it. They’re precious and adorable con artists like that. They are not like dogs in the least but doggone it, despite all that, they can be great companions.

I have shared some pictures of the animals back home on Instagram but never on here for some reason. After all, they are a part of an ongoing writing problem I have 😉

Here’s a few of those “characters”:

So, see what entertainment you’re missing out on without a cat or two in your life? 😄

6 thoughts on “Cats (Because Why Not?)

  1. Thanks for the link. Happy to see you drew inspiration from it.
    You are right, cat people are a different breed, fully accepting their subservient lifestyle.
    Ive suggested to my wife that we should have the cat do a few chores to pay her way, I always receive a scoff.

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      1. I try not to force my opinions on people, just sow a seed deep in their minds 🤣
        I think I’ll have to teach the cat to do chores. I’ve never seen her with any money.

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    1. Lol, I’m not sure anyone has every called that tabby “small” 🤣

      But yes, they’re little darlings. I jokingly tell my parents that the dogs and cats are the main reason I visit them 😄

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