The Coin Landed on its Side (haikus)

Flipping coins to see

who will win this light dispute

but they land sideways

* * * * *

You have written words

that challenge mine every time–

please do not stop this

* * * * *

In the end it takes

many heads to make many

tales of common themes









There are numerous reasons to love poetry but my favorite will always be the changing and different perspectives. As I was reading posts the last few days, I noticed that some almost seem to be written as the antithesis of what I just wrote. I know that is most likely not the case but it is still fascinating how poetry goes back to the same subjects time and time again and few ever have the same opinion on it.

It’s a beautiful testament of individuality within a worldwide community. Community will always be important for humanity but not at the cost of the individual. We need people to ask questions. We need people to counter others. We need different viewpoints. We can agree and disagree or even agree to disagree at times. It’s still a community, it’s still poetry, and I am grateful for that.

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