It’s Just a Heart

The heart is an ugly looking muscle

that has long been made

to look like something

it is not.

The heart has a purpose,

a practicality,

a pulse that gets

the body and the mind

working together by its many

intricate vessels.

The heart is an ugly looking muscle,

that is to say,

it ain’t pretty but we’d all die

without it.

Beauty does not equal function

nor does function equal perfection–

I do not literally die

when I hear how hard you are

on yourself;

my heart keeps beating, aching,

wondering how your heart

clearly ain’t showing you

what every other practical one

sees clearly.

It often skips a beat,

something normally abnormal,

but understandable

when it senses you.

It doesn’t literally die,

it functions like it should.

The heart is an ugly looking muscle

and it’s beating in this imperfect vessel.

This heart is an ugly looking,

imperfect muscle

but it knows a good heart

when it sees it.

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