Knowing, Asking, Wondering

Some things are beyond

our understanding,

be it the questions of

What? Where? Why?


Who? When? How?

but there’s a certain beauty

in not knowing at times,

in being able to wonder

like a kid again

when life seems boring,

to be brought near

in unexpected ways

when it feels like the world

has pushed you away,

to not hide in fear

from the unknown

but to embrace it

like a new friend.


these things

are beyond complete understanding

even if we didn’t

question it

and went along with it instead.

2 thoughts on “Knowing, Asking, Wondering

  1. I like this perspective. Many times just go with the flow even if you don’t know where it’s taking you. Have faith, take a deep breath, because fretting ain’t going to change it.
    Lovely words! 🙂

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