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Stumbling Saturdays #3

Episode 6 of the Unnecessary Podcast is live!

We stumbled upon a few westerns in this week’s addition of Stumbling Saturdays. What kind of impact has the genre had on others? What effect has it had on culture overall?

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(If anyone is interested in reading their poetry on the program–by pre-recording an audio file, having it read, or some other method–feel free to contact us on the contact page or email )

Hope you enjoy the episode. Have a great weekend! — Clint

2 thoughts on “Stumbling Saturdays #3

    1. “Suddenly, Cory busts in and orders a plain, black coffee. ‘Now this here’ he shouts, ‘is how ya drink coffee!’ He sips, but it goes straight through him, which causes him to fart, knocking out the patrons behind him. ‘It’s not me, it’s the microphone!’ he gasps in shock.”


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