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“Is Creativity Dead?”

Does that sound like a test question? Probably. We attempted to answer it though. On today’s episode, Clint and I talked about how stories don’t change while they are constantly changing. He would normally make the post here, but we’ve included a few extras today. So if you have thoughts on the subject, there is a poll below. There’s also a little “behind the scenes” bit on the second slide of the Instagram post.

Episode 8 of the Unnecessary Podcast can be found on the following sites:



Google Podcasts




(If anyone is interested in reading their poetry on the program–by pre-recording an audio file, having it read, or some other method–feel free to contact us on the contact page or email )

Hope you all have a great weekend.

God bless!

C. D. “Cory” Anders

8 thoughts on ““Is Creativity Dead?”

    1. We came to a similar conclusion: creativity doesn’t really die.

      And yeah, the younger generation is wildly imaginative and creative. I teach some middle schoolers once a week but I learn just as much from them!


  1. A quick point to add. Maybe a big part of keeping creativity alive is to make sure the generations after us have the ability and opportunity to keep things moving forward, keep things fresh.

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