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Window Dressing

Wouldn’t you, couldn’t you,

shouldn’t you agree

that there’s problems with the site

and not the dressing?




There are quite a few people on WordPress just giving up their sites. Many of the ones I know of (many, not all) are fed up with the app and block editor. I don’t blame them for that–I took a posting hiatus late last year with the same issue. The editor seems to be getting worse these days.

I only bring this up because while that’s getting worse, the font on the Reader has gussied up. That’s great! But in addition to that, every contraction is showing up separated on every post I read. Has that been happening for you all too?

It’s their platform and they can do what they wish with it. I would be upset if I was shelling money out to host this site but fortunately I’m not. I just wish the right person(s) in charge with updating WordPress would value functionality over window dressing.

Here’s a screeshot of the app after this post was published.

4 thoughts on “Window Dressing

  1. Oh, yeah. You are right. I just went on WordPress to write something and the contractions are leaving gaps between the letters or adding no ‘ at all. Some of the letters are sticking too, and won’t type out until I’m on a whole new word. Each word is lagging behind big time. Not sure if it’s WordPress or my device, but it only happens lately on WP, so I gather …


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