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Human Nature (Things Heard and Said)

I was just headed to my car when another car slowly pulled up behind me. It was an older woman behind the wheel. She had a prominent frown on her face but you know what they say about the books and the covers and such.

Where’s the car wash around here?’

‘Which one?’

‘The car wash!she reiterated.

‘There’s two that direction,’ I explained to her, pointing north. ‘One on the left and one at the right.’

‘I’m looking for one called the Spa.’

‘That’ll be on the right,’ I said. ‘Alright, see that light right there?’

She nodded.

‘You’re going to go straight through that. When you get to the second light, you’re going to take a right.’

‘So go through the first light, turn right at the second?’

‘Yes ma’am. There’ll be an Aldi up there by the Spa.’

‘I’m not from around here so I won’t be looking for that,’ she assured me with a hiss.

‘Fair enough. Hope that helps. Have a good one.’

‘Yeah,’ she muttered and drove slowly to the end of the lot. She had to turn around and headed out of the lot just as slow.

I got in my car and started towards those two intersections too. I was headed to the left though. I figured she would already be at the car wash since I didn’t leave the parking lot right away. But sure enough, we met at the first intersection.

You realize how incredibly boring this story is, right?

I do.


I was in the left lane, she was in the right. The light turned green and we started for the second light straight ahead. Couldn’t miss it if you tried. I looked over a couple times to get her attention but she was like a horse with blinders. She was on a mission. And when we got to the light, I made my way to the left turn lane.

And she made her way to the right?

Nope. I watched that grumpy old woman haul ass through a yellow light, headed straight.

13 thoughts on “Human Nature (Things Heard and Said)

    1. Are you kidding? She’s going to have so much fun complaining about getting bad directions! That’s a week’s worth of material right there!

      But if you’re calling me odd, that probably fits too πŸ˜œπŸ–€

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      1. Haha! No, not at all. I meant her behaviour was odd – why ask for directions if you’re just going to ignore what you are told? And why so snippy with you in the first place. Some people…πŸ˜πŸ–€

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Good ol human nature — we all want something to complain about, I guess πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ But yes, it’s interesting to imagine what motivation people have. I think I disagree with everyone in the world on at least a topic or two but I still like to try and understand (but often fail!) πŸ™‚

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  1. You call the story boring, and it is mundane, but there’s a lot of mystery in brief encounters with strangers since we know so little. I often wonder where the people I give directions to end up. Fortunately most are not as crabby as that lady.

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