The Obligatory “About” Page

About the site

First and foremost, welcome to The Unnecessary Blog. The site editor has a generic greeting already written that is far more enthusiastic than me or anybody else that only does this sort of thing occasionally can offer you. That said, we are enthusiastic about writing and those things that we write about. Do not expect Shakespearean quality prose within these pages. While the world clamors about trying to be the next incarnation of an already established figure, we try nothing more here than to fill our own shoes, no matter how small. Thank you for visiting.


About C. D. Anders

There’s not a whole lot to say about me. I do most of the writing for the Unnecessary Blog and also serve as the administrator. I’m somewhat of a pessimistic-optimist (I’ll let you figure that one out.) Many days I work as a cook but I am studying to be a pastor so I have the privilege to share the best news possible on a day-by-day basis. I am a sinner saved by the grace of God and want to share that message of Jesus with any who will hear.

Oh, I like writing too.


About C. E. Knight

Writer of various genres and ideas, from poetry to short story.


A Note About the Content

This is mostly a poetry site but there are some works of prose as well. The poetry topics range from true stories to hypothetical ones. The short stories will always bear the distinction “short story” in the post title. Devotionals and random true stories will always be under categories called “Devotionals” and “Occasional Prose”.

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