The Morning, Quickly

You wear fine fabric

of moonlight beams

with shades of midnight blue

and hues of silver.

The night dances carefully

on the floor around you

but trips on its feet,

lost in the beat

of a serenade the planets play

but like us all

it falls

in distraction.

If it is just another short evening

that fades to morning quickly,

whatever will the day

hold in store?


Sun Glitter

Skipping stones to watch

the sun glitter disperse

across the water,

an attempt subconsciously made

but impossibly executed

to make more coins

from a block of gold.

My pockets are empty

and the sun still sets

but I find something resembling a feeling

that I’m the richest man alive.


A Tear in the Simile

No, don’t think of them as tears

even though they emerged

from a depth I could never understand,

a depth of loneliness and despair.

Think instead of clear waters

to wash away the rose-colored tint

and the grimy pessimistic perception

that blinds. Can you see?

Can you see more clearly?

But why can’t I see you?