Peace at Any Hour

Never took the time
to go out at night,
to look at the stars,
the shooting stars,
to listen to nature’s song
of the birds, the bugs, the coyotes.
Was told that bad things
happen at those hours
but it seems that bad things
happen at all hours.
Why not find beauty
in the late and early hour
if it can be found
in the waking ones too?


Selective Memory

I forgot that rain
could come down
by the bucket full
upon my head
just like I forgot about
the extreme heat
of a summer day
or the piercing cold
of a winter one.
For a moment I forgot
I was growing older
and forgot the many
memories I had
before this point in time.
I forgot to remember ,
I forgot to forget.
For a moment I forgot
about the lack of perfection
in this brief lifetime
and I had a perfect
day with you.


As Much as I Used To

I find

that I don’t love you

as much as

I used to,

you have shown your cards,

your flaws,

your imperfections,

your tells,

you have shown your weaknesses

and bared your soul

to someone


you have shown compassion

to the very same

when it was not deserved.


I find

that I don’t love you

as much as

I used to


I have loved you more

with each passing day


A Cold Day’s Warmth

They built fires built for warmth

but it is only there

that the legends,

the myths,

the tall tales are told.

Light flickers,

imagination rages brilliantly,

and the embers remain

come morning.

Restless hearts and minds

shaken from equally

restless sleep.

Warmth is gone

but the dream remains

throughout the day . . .


to be legends


myths among men,

taller than the tall tales


some cold night

around the warm fire.


oh, someday.


You know?

The sky is blue, no cloud in sight,

the stars shine nice and bright at night,

the rain is gone and all is green,

no flake of snow is to be seen

But if the sky should fill with clouds

their darkness over all enshrouds

be it with storms of rain or snow,

a day with you is good, you know?