Fast Food

Weight of the world sounds pleasant

when all the griefs to bear

crush the soul and body both.

Can’t be strong, can’t be weak,

can’t be weak enough to admit

that I’m stuck

nor strong enough to admit

that I’m weak.

I guess you are what eats you

when you go about

setting your own table.


Unnatural Conjunction

I have tried a hundred ways

and will try a hundred more

to convey silence

in a poem,

how it is peaceful,

how it hurts,

how it feels right,

how it lacks finality

with that vacant space

left where a thought should be,


never sounds right in words.

It is heard

and therein lies the problem.



Help me out here y’all. Can you capture what I’m trying to say? Are there things you find hard to put in words?

If you give it a go for either question, I’d love to see what you came with!


Diamond Eyes

Life finds a way it seems

To be cruel to the seams

Unrelenting, daunting

Restless and tiring

It’s worse today

Than yesterday

And alas, I don’t have the answer

My life has been an eternal disaster

And I’ve known more pain

Than love like tears in the rain

But I do know this my friend

There’s hope, darkness does bend

To the light, the pain will die

And hope will replace it by and by

True love will find it’s way

And while I can’t promise it today

The sun will shine on us again



Dull Incandescence

I just want to be mad for a while

but I only came to disappointment–

disappointment in the things

I tried to be mad at,

disappointment in myself

for not having the guts

to make it known,

disappointment that

the disappointment would not

bloom into anger–

because there is a time and a place

for such things

and anger is needed sometimes,

some places,

to make things known

and demand changes