The Eyes Have It

The eyes have it.
Yours didn’t.
Do I stay
or do I go?
I didn’t know.
Now we both exist,
we live our lives–good lives!–
but we cross paths
with passing glances.
I don’t need to know
but I sure want to.
Do we course correct,
do we connect, do we
throw all caution without care,
do we carry on
as two unpaired?
What’s the story
hidden there?
Is it one
you want to share?








I couldn’t tell you specifics

about the physical sciences,

biology, or such,

but I could tell you

about those green eyes of hers

that light up

to create energy

in my beating heart

down to the very cells and atoms

of my being.

I may not understand it

but I sure

want to learn


A Thousand Eyes

I never seem to escape
That one being
Unnatural and macabre
With a thousand eyes
Constantly staring at me
Ever multiplying
Ever growing
Ever evolving
With eyes of green, blue
Brown, red, yellow
And a mixture of all the above
Straining, with red veins
Surrounding the iris
And it’s pupils constantly
Focused on one subject, me.
It never stops, never blinks
Always watching, always moving
Pluck one out, another one grows back
It must have a nervous system
That sends messages
To an unknown source
For whenever one eye is plucked
So is the life of the one who took an eye
So we have to subjugate ourselves
To its whims, to its invasion of privacy
Until we break free and live free
There is but one, glaring flaw
Everyone loves the thousand eyes
And they hate freedom and love
Absolute conformity.


Hazel and Blue

I just want to hold you tight

Tell you it will be alright

To help you right all former wrongs

And put the past where it belongs

But here I stand, apart from you,

Helpless, watching shades of blue

Running their course, hearing your cries,

But all is silent except the eyes


Rainy Skies

The tears now welling in her eyes

are clouds of rain within the skies

because her eyes are like the earth,

just as valuable in worth


The rain brings out the needed growth

with soil and sun, it needs them both,

but she is firmly planted here

and floods abound behind her tear


I only want to see the sun

shine in her eyes as it has done

but we will weather out the storm

until she’s back where it is warm