The good that I will to do

I do not do

but the evil I will not to do

I practice with each bitter

thought and recollection,

hoping for change

yet clutching to the bitter feelings

I try to put to death.

I can’t change the past, _______,

I won’t vilify you publicly

for what you did

but I won’t make excuses for you

as I once did.

I still love you, ______,

and I pray to God that we’ll both

grow in love and grace



We don’t need the old memories

or a slew of new ones;

just peace,

my brother.

Just peace for the present.








As Much as I Used To

I find

that I don’t love you

as much as

I used to,

you have shown your cards,

your flaws,

your imperfections,

your tells,

you have shown your weaknesses

and bared your soul

to someone


you have shown compassion

to the very same

when it was not deserved.


I find

that I don’t love you

as much as

I used to


I have loved you more

with each passing day


Kyrie eleison

Learned about humility

twice this week alone,

the message sticks through it

but the hard head and sinful flesh

still prefer bandages

instead of cures

Lord, have mercy on me . . .

Went into a situation

guns blazing

when thought, tact, and prayer

were the proper tools,

I was a fool

and nothing less,

Lord, have mercy . . .

There’s hurt and harm

out here, God,

I know You know

and I know it’s in Your hands,

the author and perfecter

of faith,

to carry us over the finish line.

So I pray all the more

Lord, have mercy on us all.