It’s Going to Be Okay

Shake your heads in pity

at the poor, unfortunate,

but don’t you dare raise a finger.

Real work fights battles; screens win wars.

Don’t act like it’s about you . . .

or them . . .

or us . . .




and it’s all going to be okay

with one more click.

Just one more click.

Just one more click.

Just one more click.


Hey, I know it’s going to be okay.

And it’s only going

to be okay.


Say So

Where are you?

Have you made camp

near lakes and rivers

of the bitter tears you’ve shed?

Are you trapped inside

your head again?

Are you suspended

in the humid air

of deep breaths and sighs

trying to land?

Are you landlocked

in the past

and trying to fly?

I can’t rescue you

but here’s my hand

to grab onto,

a shoulder for leaning,

an ear to hear,

a candle burning–

I’ll look for you

if you wish,

if you say so.


See It Now

The many things

I could never see before

parade on the empty grounds

of my heart,

loud reminders

of the soft and gentle ways

that she made life better


hideous sights

of the grace and beauty

she embodied


Background Noise

I can hear what you’re saying

but I choose not to listen

I see the spark in your eye

but will leave when they glisten

I will listen to questions

and I will do so with poise

but it is all about me–

you are just background noise








I’ll probably make a more in-depth post about this idea down the line. Obviously, it is not my feelings about anyone on here or anywhere else for that matter. Normally I’d let you fill in the blanks that it is an exercise in perspective but it seemed a little harsh. None of you are “background noise.” You matter.

Until next time. God bless y’all,

the real C. D.