What lurks in the shadows
are the creatures
of our own making,
coming for
their pound of flesh
and a piece of
peace of mind.
What lurks in the shadows
eats good these days,
thrives these days,
basks in the outer dark
these days.
What lurks in the shadows
can’t stand the light
so it sharpens its teeth
and fills its belly
with the absence of peace.


Knowing, Asking, Wondering

Some things are beyond

our understanding,

be it the questions of

What? Where? Why?


Who? When? How?

but there’s a certain beauty

in not knowing at times,

in being able to wonder

like a kid again

when life seems boring,

to be brought near

in unexpected ways

when it feels like the world

has pushed you away,

to not hide in fear

from the unknown

but to embrace it

like a new friend.


these things

are beyond complete understanding

even if we didn’t

question it

and went along with it instead.


Letterman Jacket

There’s a short window of time

when you hear a name

you used to know

and the floodgate breaks,

memories flowing through the mind.

It’s but a moment, a brief smile,

a bit of wonder about

where they are,

what they are doing,

how they are doing.

It passes.

The memory, the recollection

fades into the dark,

tangled in the mind’s cobwebs

to welcome the brief smile

back into obscurity







I had an idea for a poem earlier today but then it jack-knifed when I started writing it just now. For context: The only reason I log onto Facebook anymore is to post the Sunday service on the church’s page. I put some VBS pictures online this afternoon though and looked around a bit. You can probably piece the context together from that but I will add this: that life is far too short and precious to think that high school was the mountaintop.


Hearts On Fire

The ice cold ashes from failure

A broken heart, lying in pieces

Like a ruined stained glass

Window, tell only half the story

But since I met you, the ashes

Turned to embers, to a fire

And the pieces came together

Forging something new

And for the first time, in so long

Days don’t feel so bad

Maybe it’s the time of the

Season, the turning of the tide

But maybe it’s just you

And while I want us to be

Together in love, I know too

It may not happen, but if a bond

Can remain as strong as this

Then I have the peace of mind

You helped me feel complete


Endless Tapestry

Needle to thread

A new tale begins

Yet it’s the same

From the story

To the plot

And it’s end

The characters change

And the setting is different

But it seems the Author

Doesn’t want a positive change

And I don’t know why.

While the tears shed have been

Less, Love is ever evasive and

Illusive, one that mocks

Spits, and screams at my face

To stay down, that I’ll never have

The woman I want, not the one

I need. So the same old threads

Go forth, the same burgundy,

Navy, brown, and grey, weaving

The repeated pattern once again

And there’s nothing I can do

But watch beautiful melancholy

Color my eyes. How I want to

Set fire to the endless tapestry

Yet when I did it the last time

It returned as soon as it left

Leaving where it left off

And showing the multiple paths

To one endless, singular outcome