Half of the Time

My heart’s only in it half of the time,

the other half fast fades away

but then for a bit, a moment sublime,

it goes along with the charade.

A bittersweet vision dancing in light,

a vision undoubtedly you,

but fast does it fade and try as I might

my world fades to a shade of blue.


Knowing, Asking, Wondering

Some things are beyond

our understanding,

be it the questions of

What? Where? Why?


Who? When? How?

but there’s a certain beauty

in not knowing at times,

in being able to wonder

like a kid again

when life seems boring,

to be brought near

in unexpected ways

when it feels like the world

has pushed you away,

to not hide in fear

from the unknown

but to embrace it

like a new friend.


these things

are beyond complete understanding

even if we didn’t

question it

and went along with it instead.


Endless Tapestry

Needle to thread

A new tale begins

Yet it’s the same

From the story

To the plot

And it’s end

The characters change

And the setting is different

But it seems the Author

Doesn’t want a positive change

And I don’t know why.

While the tears shed have been

Less, Love is ever evasive and

Illusive, one that mocks

Spits, and screams at my face

To stay down, that I’ll never have

The woman I want, not the one

I need. So the same old threads

Go forth, the same burgundy,

Navy, brown, and grey, weaving

The repeated pattern once again

And there’s nothing I can do

But watch beautiful melancholy

Color my eyes. How I want to

Set fire to the endless tapestry

Yet when I did it the last time

It returned as soon as it left

Leaving where it left off

And showing the multiple paths

To one endless, singular outcome


The Diary Entry (Ballad of a Dumb Kid)

I remember the first time

I felt empathy,

it was troubling, a feeling

that I could not work out

as I read something

I had no right to read.

I, I, I,

that is not the word

to use when thinking of it

because it was


You had written those words

in private,

in a place you thought

no one would ever find it.

You had to share your world

while stuck between

a stone-hearted fool and

a hard-headed one.

You were the one

who endured.

There was hurt in those words.

A hurt I knew.

A hurt I felt.

We were just kids with the same problem

but we didn’t know it yet.

I only knew empathy for once

because your words

said what I thought too

even if what you wrote

was also of me.


Radio in the Ocean

There’s a distance between you and I

A conundrum of being connected

Through a disconnected space

To see our voices yet not hear a sound

A feeling of touch yet lacking of contact

How I long to hold you, to press your skin against mine

A kiss to end a decade of loneliness

But these thoughts are antiquated acquaintances

A cold war between lust and love

Stuck in the in between without an end

So I wait for call of love, and a mutual embrace

Until then I lay adrift, in this dark blue sea

These moonlight glistened waters

With a song in my heart, waiting to be played

Like a radio in the ocean.


Hazel and Blue

I just want to hold you tight

Tell you it will be alright

To help you right all former wrongs

And put the past where it belongs

But here I stand, apart from you,

Helpless, watching shades of blue

Running their course, hearing your cries,

But all is silent except the eyes