Peace at Any Hour

Never took the time
to go out at night,
to look at the stars,
the shooting stars,
to listen to nature’s song
of the birds, the bugs, the coyotes.
Was told that bad things
happen at those hours
but it seems that bad things
happen at all hours.
Why not find beauty
in the late and early hour
if it can be found
in the waking ones too?


The Unspoken Agreement

I have never seen

a rabbit lying down–

not in the wild, anyway.

When they’re caged

and domesticated,

they’ll take a load off, sure,

either trusting whoever has them

or from sheer desperation.

Their eyes are like marbles

that don’t tell much

even if you were to look

long enough.

Why would you? Why would I?

I sit out on the porch

most nights

to unwind from the day.

These days I see rabbits

out there, lying in the grass,

eyes in my direction

but bodies still planted

on the ground.

I should probably chase them away

yet, yet . . .

I have never seen

so many rabbits lying down







Hey y’all. I didn’t plan on posting today but I’m literally just watching rabbits in the yard right now (it might be a slow night, lol.)

And now for a shameless plug:

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Hope y’all have a more exciting Friday night than me and these long-earred fiends😄 God bless! –the real C. D.



Never heard, never saw,

never looked for that matter.

Shall we throw caution

to the wind,

take on what may come

in fits of unbridled

rage and joy?

Shall we walk lonely

down the paved roads

of familiarity

or chance the untested


Maybe hurt and loneliness

wait there, monsters

of our own creation

but then again,

maybe not.

Sometimes I want to know

and other times

I want to roam

to the unknown.

Let’s go to the fork in the road

and put some tines in it