Never heard, never saw,

never looked for that matter.

Shall we throw caution

to the wind,

take on what may come

in fits of unbridled

rage and joy?

Shall we walk lonely

down the paved roads

of familiarity

or chance the untested


Maybe hurt and loneliness

wait there, monsters

of our own creation

but then again,

maybe not.

Sometimes I want to know

and other times

I want to roam

to the unknown.

Let’s go to the fork in the road

and put some tines in it


Something Old, Something New

Stomach and tongue

tied in knots, hitched

on the phantasmagorical,

this old heart beating

anew each day for you,

appreciating each new day

as if something new happened

concerning you

even if

it is on borrowed time

and even if love is not



blue and melancholy

emotions lingering mere moments

on the grander scale

with dreams gone rogue

like six syllable words

worth nothing more

than a sixpence

Occasional Prose

The Allosaurus (a short story)

“Peter Samuel! As I live and breathe!” A short muscular man made his way across a crowded room of tourists, tour guides, and museum guards. A good deal of hushing soon followed.

Peter Samuel knew the voice and also knew that if he wanted to make that much commotion, there might be a good deal of trouble that day. His straight face conveyed no emotion except for his obvious attempt at joy to see the little man approach. “Edward Thomas!” he returned the greeting. “What has it been? One, no two–” Continue reading “The Allosaurus (a short story)”