Peace at Any Hour

Never took the time
to go out at night,
to look at the stars,
the shooting stars,
to listen to nature’s song
of the birds, the bugs, the coyotes.
Was told that bad things
happen at those hours
but it seems that bad things
happen at all hours.
Why not find beauty
in the late and early hour
if it can be found
in the waking ones too?


Kyrie eleison

Learned about humility

twice this week alone,

the message sticks through it

but the hard head and sinful flesh

still prefer bandages

instead of cures

Lord, have mercy on me . . .

Went into a situation

guns blazing

when thought, tact, and prayer

were the proper tools,

I was a fool

and nothing less,

Lord, have mercy . . .

There’s hurt and harm

out here, God,

I know You know

and I know it’s in Your hands,

the author and perfecter

of faith,

to carry us over the finish line.

So I pray all the more

Lord, have mercy on us all.


Wartime Lullaby

They talk of power, strength, and might

While looking for mere kids to fight

To fight for them, to fight against

To fight us all, spare no expense

To call all free but do their will

To clear the trough and have their fill

Yet one thing’s clear despite this fraud

“Nothing’s free but the grace of God.”