The Ailment and the Remedy

I always thought that it would be easy

to run out of words

to convey a single theme,

a single idea,

a single person from

the endless crowds.

I thought it would be easy

and I thought that I’d forget you.

I thought a lot

but it was nothing at all

while the subjects spoke freely

without my help.

I thought it would be easy to stop

yet I can’t seem to separate

the pen from the paper

even when–or even especially when–

I want to.

Good or bad, come what may . . .

I write


Unnatural Conjunction

I have tried a hundred ways

and will try a hundred more

to convey silence

in a poem,

how it is peaceful,

how it hurts,

how it feels right,

how it lacks finality

with that vacant space

left where a thought should be,


never sounds right in words.

It is heard

and therein lies the problem.



Help me out here y’all. Can you capture what I’m trying to say? Are there things you find hard to put in words?

If you give it a go for either question, I’d love to see what you came with!

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Meet the Author: C. E. Knight

I know I have made some totally not-desperate pleas in the past (they might have been a little desperate in hindsight) to have my good friend C. E. come back. Though a busy man, these last few weeks have given him opportunity to write once more and I could not be more thrilled. You may have noticed his name show up as an author on the Unnecessary Blog these last few days and so I wanted to have him introduce himself to all of you wonderful readers. And so, without further ado:

C. D. — Introduce yourself in your own words.

C. E. — Hello readers, this is C.E. Knight, a writer who is ready to take you on the unpredictable and ever evolving adventure that is life through poetry and maybe a short story or two. My goal is to bring something new to the table each time you read one of my stories, and maybe give you some deep, thought provoking questions about life or just the work in general.

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