Again with the Noise

I reckon I wouldn’t change too much in my life

even if there are armies of skeletons

rattling and raving

behind the closet door.

I could hush the noise, perhaps,

but the utter silence always kills me.

Would I be an empty shell as they are

or would a marionette

be a more apt description?

I wouldn’t change the past, I suppose,

I couldn’t if I tried

but the noise

and the lack thereof

sure beg me to.


The Sound of Falling Trees

Look here, now look and hear . . .

People carry cardboard signs, the remnant of old trees,

painted with large letters: I’M UPSET

but for what? It was not specified.

Pillows wet with tears

scream quietly in desperation

for the pain to end

and the silent cries uttered

from desperate hearts

echo through the body’s exterior:

looks of tiredness, anger,

shock, and apathy.

No letters, many signs.

Someone has a twitch in their eye,

another shudders at a touch,

yet another smiles

because that will at least mask

the silent yells.

Starving mothers, fathers, siblings

give the only morsel

to the child.

Multitudes stand silent

and wait.


And wait.

A noise is heard ’round the world,

“Help!” Help who? Who needs it?

No one said they needed help . . .

If a tree falls in the forest

and no one is there to hear it–

Yes, yes, most definitely yes,

the forest reaches

beyond the bark

of our own trees.

Look here, now look and hear.



Even by the candle’s light

those things which were dim

became dimmer, flickering in shadows

cast on dark walls,

the perception I had of you

dancing without music

to all the beats I’ve missed

in life–

what ballet goes on

without clear resolution?

Yet I watch, the dancing hypnotic,

the silence telling


Unnatural Conjunction

I have tried a hundred ways

and will try a hundred more

to convey silence

in a poem,

how it is peaceful,

how it hurts,

how it feels right,

how it lacks finality

with that vacant space

left where a thought should be,


never sounds right in words.

It is heard

and therein lies the problem.



Help me out here y’all. Can you capture what I’m trying to say? Are there things you find hard to put in words?

If you give it a go for either question, I’d love to see what you came with!


Hazel and Blue

I just want to hold you tight

Tell you it will be alright

To help you right all former wrongs

And put the past where it belongs

But here I stand, apart from you,

Helpless, watching shades of blue

Running their course, hearing your cries,

But all is silent except the eyes