Spurious Correlation

Do you watch

the menagerie of beasts

parade along in formation

coolly in the blue

yonder up above?

Have you seen

the glistening stars

wink at you

when they mistook

the sparkle in your eyes?

Would you believe

that the rain

sometimes waits for you

to open your books

and warm your drink?

That the sun

would shine on you

no matter

what you think?


Rainy Skies

The tears now welling in her eyes

are clouds of rain within the skies

becauseĀ her eyes are like the earth,

just as valuable in worth


The rain brings out the needed growth

with soil and sun, it needs them both,

but she is firmly planted here

and floods abound behind her tear


I only want to see the sun

shine in her eyes as it has done

but we will weather out the storm

until she’s back where it is warm