The Eyes Have It

The eyes have it.
Yours didn’t.
Do I stay
or do I go?
I didn’t know.
Now we both exist,
we live our lives–good lives!–
but we cross paths
with passing glances.
I don’t need to know
but I sure want to.
Do we course correct,
do we connect, do we
throw all caution without care,
do we carry on
as two unpaired?
What’s the story
hidden there?
Is it one
you want to share?







Knowing, Asking, Wondering

Some things are beyond

our understanding,

be it the questions of

What? Where? Why?


Who? When? How?

but there’s a certain beauty

in not knowing at times,

in being able to wonder

like a kid again

when life seems boring,

to be brought near

in unexpected ways

when it feels like the world

has pushed you away,

to not hide in fear

from the unknown

but to embrace it

like a new friend.


these things

are beyond complete understanding

even if we didn’t

question it

and went along with it instead.


Uncharted Territory (haikus)

Destinations come

and go as tears fall and dry

on uncharted maps

* * * * *

What is the point of

discovery if all we

gain is more losses?

* * * * *

What is the point of

discovery if not for

the experience?

* * * * *

The land, the sea, the

sky, her heart . . . Ten lifetimes worth

would still bring wonder


The Sungazers’ Waltz

I never looked directly

into the sun’s bright rays

to fully appreciate

the splendor as I gaze

at the brushstrokes on the land

and the painted heavens–

a feeling unparalleled,

unmatched in its pleasance.

It’s not that I’ll pay no mind

when our paths intersect

for I’ll still see the splendor

all around, indirect,

and you will still be beauty

and pleasance as you are,

and often I will ponder

of that brilliant star