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Filling in the Blanks

You will never work

a day in your life

if you enjoy what you do

and I find I don’t work too much

these days;

instead, through highs and lows,

it gets better

and this little hobby

fills in some

missing blanks






This little notification showed up earlier today. I don’t keep track but it also hasn’t felt like four years.

So thank you all for being you and thank you for putting up with me 😃 Can’t wait to keep reading your wonderful works.

God bless!



Add title

Start writing…

but what?

Where do I draw the line

between the words

and the inspiration?

Will they know

what I’m saying

when I don’t always know


Maybe if I cut the line

instead of drawing it

then there would be

room for change.

Start writing…

and tiptoe

through your mind,

stomping with

evasive words