you can hear the pipes at night

as once stagnant water

drips slowly from an eroding spot

to a corrosive one,

it’s loud enough to wake the sleeping

but never loud enough

to drown out the noise,

oh, how I wish

the pipes would call

at waking hours

when they leave or sleep

their days away


The Richest Will

Operater, I am begging

since I have so little change

that you would be a friend to me

and work out this exchange:

I have no quarter dollars here,

no dimes nor nickels neither,

I only have a poor man’s wealth

but the richest will to hear her.


The Fast Lane

The kid made a song,

poured his heart into

each bar and lyric

just for the other kids

to speed it up

as a new song


As they scurry on through

their short little lives

we stopped to cry

a moment,

only to race away

from our lament

to get back in

the fast lane.

No music could be heard.