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Who to Follow Friday, Week #2

Guess what day it is?

You doggone right it is, Possum

Today the spotlight is on three more bloggers. This is a continuation of last week’s post which you can read here. That link also mentions how I choose who will be featured (hint: it’s people I follow and it has to do with the app’s way of alphabetizing site names.) There is nothing required by anyone in these posts, they are here for the purpose of showcasing blogs I enjoy and follow myself. So allow me to show you the three people whose work you should read this week:

Serap @ /ɛm/ɛn/piː/

I was looking down the list last week to see who would be featured this week and I saw this site show up. It wasn’t too long before that that I saw she had written a recent post about some upcoming works she was writing. It’ll be nice to read her poems and nonfiction again. Admittedly, I have to run some of it through Google Translate and I know a lot gets lost in that translation, but when you read through her work, everything still shines.

Sâye La Moonbird @ a blue cloud //

I love reading all the different styles on WordPress and this site falls into one of my favorite categories: simple, but not really. You won’t find any two dollar words in her poems, haikus, or nonfiction. The words just roll off the tongue. However, there is always something beneath the surface of all that is blue and true.

Mia Winhertt @ A Struggling Author

Mia’s site features poetry and something called Today’s Tiny Tale. The links are of the most recent posts. The poetry and the short short stories come out weekly. There’s always something to think about in her work, be it the big questions that life poses or day-to-day occurrences. It’s always worth reading though.


Those are just three great writers for now. In the coming weeks and months, there will be many more to look at. I chose to do three at a time so that there is not an information overload and it would also allow time to explore their work for the week (and hopefully, beyond that.) That said, I will no doubt not be able to feature every single blog that is great because I don’t know them all.

Here’s where you all come in.

In the comments, feel free to plug a favorite blog that you follow and perhaps put a few words there explaining why you like it. If you’d like, you can also put your own blog down and share a post you enjoyed making.

The most important thing is to enjoy writing and reading other’s writings. This is a blogging platform, after all.

So never be afraid to smile like a Possum.

(Had to tie him back in somehow! 😁)

Have a great weekend and as always, God bless. — C. D.

8 thoughts on “Who to Follow Friday, Week #2

  1. I feel humbled and blessed to find my blog mentioned in your post. Thank you so much. I also feel fortuned to be mentioned with Sâye La Moonbird @ a blue cloud // and Mia Winhertt @ A Struggling Author. Both bloggers I admire and follow. I’m happy to be back after a long break. I truly missed reading your blog and am glad, to be able to enjoy it again. Thanks again.

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